Without A Clutch

"That grinding sound is your paradigm shifting without a clutch."

This quote explains our recent predicament pretty clearly. Less than a year ago and only a few months into our marriage, we both woke up and realized/admitted to ourselves that not only were we no longer actively religious, we didn't really believe in the supernatural anymore. We both come from Christianity, and our stories are decently similar, perhaps we'll share them at a later time. The realization and acceptance that we are atheist has been by far the most crazy, world-shifting, thing we've ever done, and we're still reeling from it.

This blog is an attempt to explore the worlds of atheism and secular humanism, figure out where we fit in, and understand how to view the world without religion guiding us. The posts will be random, whatever strikes our fancy as worth exploring, and debate is always welcome.

Thanks for reading along, and we hope you'll add your voice to the discussion.

Never stop questioning,


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