Comrades in Blogs

Without A Clutch has joined up The Out Campaign Blogroll, and the The Atheist Blogroll. Both can be found along the sidebar.

We're also proudly showing our support for Foundation Beyond Belief:
A unique charity whose humanist and atheist members support ten outstanding secular organizations per quarter. Choose your donation level, and distribute among the featured causes as you wish.

The Foundation features ten charitable organizations per quarter in the following cause areas:
* Health
* Education
* Poverty
* Environment
* Child Welfare
* Human Rights
* Animal Protection
* Peace
* The "Big Bang" Fund (small charity, big impact)
* Foundation Beyond Belief

We've also set up the sidebar to link to more resources on various topics that relate to our blog.

We hope you find something fun and useful!

Never stop questioning in search of reason,

Val and Mike

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