Christian Missionary Deconverted by Tribe

A happy and peaceful people teach one missionary that his religion doesn't translate across cultural boundaries as well as he thought. Having spent many years of his life with them, he slowly realized that his "faith" was just an ancient collection of superstitions.

He kept this hidden from those closest to him for two decades, because he feared the consequences. When he finally had the courage to share this part of his life, his family rejected him for it. I am not aware of anything beyond the biases of religions that can turn a family against their loved ones just for who they are and not for anything that they have done.

Video found with the help of Tracie Harris

I am lucky that my wife's deconversion was progressing not far behind my own when I told her. And I am thankful to her that, as distressed as she initially was when I shared that part of me with her, she was glad that I did and was willing to proudly stand by me.

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