Vicarious Redemption

Val and I haven't been blogging in a few weeks because of a move, but now that we are (mostly) settled we shall try to pick up the pace again. And I will finish the last bits of the Prop 8 decision this week /facepalm.

For today, I'll share with you an excellent argument from Christopher Hitchens.

"The concept of vicarious redemption is the most repulsive. The one that none of his followers troubles to deny....The idea that by throwing your sins onto somebody else, onto a scapegoat, you can have them abolished. That is a disgusting and immoral doctrine. You can not relieve people of their responsibility. The moral rot of Christianity is exposed in its central doctrine." -September 7, 2010 Debate: Does Atheism Poison Everything?
As you may know, Hitchens is currently battling cancer. He seems to still be doing well, if weakened from it. Still speaking publicly, while being realistic about his chances.

I'm at a loss of how to express myself, "best wishes for recovery" doesn't seem to sufficiently say what I feel. That's one trouble with being a Christian-raised atheist, the language that I have for conveying certain ideas or feelings is still steeped in religion.

I hope that Christopher Hitchens recovers from his cancer. And if he doesn't, I hope that he continues to enjoy the time that he has left, and feels he has contributed up to the end to the debate that he enjoys so much.

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  1. I thought your comment, for a Christian raised atheist, was perfectly sufficient. Hitchens would be grateful.


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