"No Description Needed"

While in some parts of the country LGBT individuals and communities have nearly succeeded in winning the same legal rights that their heterosexual neighbors enjoy, the fight isn't over yet. There are still too many people pushing back, allowing a miasma of homophobic attitudes that lead to bullying and harassment. Ultimately, too many innocent children and teens suffer because of this.

Organizations like Americans for Truth about Homosexuality are part of the problem. They deny it, they say that they want to help these people. But let's look at some of their own words.
  • It is immoral to “mainstream” homosexuality to children in schools in the guise of teaching tolerance and diversity.
  • “Bullying” in any form is wrong and must be stopped. But it can be addressed without promoting acceptance of homosexuality.
They actively attack any effort to teach about diversity and tolerance. They consider it an infringement on their rights to have their children told in school that it's okay if a classmate is gay, or - heaven forbid - if they are. They want "Homosexuals are abominations" and "Fags are going to burn in Hell" to be protected religious speech in the classroom. They believe it is a sin, so they should be able to tell the fagot to his face how evil they think he is. Somehow, this is different from bullying.

I also see some very familiar hate rhetoric, re-purposed for this cause: "The liberal media – which is now practically an arm of the homosexual movement." Hello antisemitism, I see your stereotyping tactics have found a new home.

These people are actively demonizing our LGBT friends and neighbors. And any of us who support the right to marry the one you love.
"Many homosexual activists are anti-religious bigots"
"Their aim is to silence all opposition."
They call us the "militant" ones, but when was the last time you saw a bunch of gay rights activists beat up a homophobic Christian who was minding their own business? Or drag them behind a car? Or tie them to a fence to leave them to die? Or hang them? Or bully them everyday until they take their own life? And we're the ones supposedly "driven by hatred."



P.S. Support FCKH8 if you want to look good and can spare the cash. Let's make LGBT respect mainstream!


  1. Not sure what to think of the FCKH8 campaign. Raising money for the cause is good, but it seems like it's primarily just catharsis for people already on the pro-gay-rights side, and ammunition for the other side. I think it's pretty likely that anyone still opposed to gay marriage is going to write it off as A.) offensive, and B.) "proof" that homosexuality is just an offshoot of being generally sinful - good, morally upright people would never swear that way!

    To put it another way, I think it'll raise some money, make some people smile, and not win over a single convert. Which is probably a net win, but I can't help but wonder if there's a higher utility route - one that doesn't give the anti-gay crowd a new source of video clips to point at and say "look at how terrible this is! these gay activists are teaching children to swear!"

  2. @Thomas

    All good points. The real benefit that I see is, if people are openly showing their support for gay rights in their day to day lives, then it will change behaviors.

    Being abrasive or being in someone's face won't change opinions, but a bully is less likely to act on their homophobia if they know the crowd won't accept it.

  3. I think the important thing to remember is that there are groups all across the spectrum. All the way from FCKH8 to Soulforce which is a religious group working peacefully within the religious community to end oppression. Each of these groups have their place, and I think that without a full range of groups you can't actually achieve change.

  4. Also I think there's a big element of silliness in here. Yes, it's cathartic, but for some reason lately there has been this movement of "Activism doesn't have to be all boring and serious and frowny. We can have fun and support a cause at the same time."
    For some reason I'm vaguely remembering a protest where people danced? I could be making that up.

  5. Pleasure to come across you blog. Keep telling the truth.

    I am a Presbyterian Minister. The Church depressingly lags behind some parts of society in pressing for justice and equality. It has been partly my role to fight against the fear and bigotry in my fellow Christians. You might be interested in my series on homosexuality "Not a Sin", or my recent resource supporting ordination rights for lgbtq individuals.

    As to the question about offensive language above - cursing is not a sin. Hatred is. FCKH8!


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